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   American Elections 1840-2008

   American History Primary Sources

   American History: View from New England

   The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) 1791

   Blackstone’s Commentaries

   Collapse of Civilizations

   Colonial Charters

   Constitution Facts

   The Constitution of the United States of America

   Constitutional History (Avalon Project)

   Constitutional Timeline

   C-SPAN in the Classroom


   The Declaration of Independence

   Digital History

   Federal Law Making (1774-1875)

   Federal Statutes

   Fordham University Internet History Sourcebook

   From Revolution to Reconstruction

   History Matters: Many Pasts

   Interactive Constitution

   Leaders and Monarchs in European History

   Library of Congress

   Library of Congress American Memory

   Library of Primary Resources


   Massachusetts Historical Society

   National Archives

   National Archives: Research Catalogue

   National Constitution Center

   National Geographic

   Natural History Magazine

   Newspaper Archives


   Pictures from U.S. History

   Popes (In Order) Throughout History

   Presidents of the United States

   Presidents of the United States (Miller Center)

   The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

   Primary Documents Online

   Primary Sources: American History

   Religion in American History


   The Social Contract

   Society for History in the Federal Government

   Timeline in European History

   University of Virginia (American Studies)

   U.S. History.Org

   Wealth of Nations (Adam Smith)

   Women’s Suffrage

   The Winthrop Society

   World Wide Web Virtual Library



   Greek & Roman Links

   Images of Late Antiquity

Middle Ages

   BBC Middle Ages

   Early Church History

   Georgetown University Medieval History Resources

   Indictment of Galileo

   Medieval Calendar

   Medieval Church

   Medieval History Links

   Medieval Warfare (Podcast)



   1492 Exhibit

   Cape Cod




American Colonies

   The 13 Colonies

   Colonial Charters for All Colonies

   Colonial Connecticut

   Colonial Currency

   Connecticut Fundamental Orders

   Colonial Economy

   Colonial Maps

   Colonial Maryland

   Colonial Newspapers

   Colonial Williamsburg

   Colony of Roanoke

   Cybrary 13 Colonies

   The Georgia Colony

   The Georgia Colony Settlement

   Jamestown Colony

   Jamestown Colony (Secrets of the Dead)

   Jamestown Colony Virtual Tour

   The Mayflower Compact

   Mayflower History

   National Archives: Charters of Freedom

   New England Charter

   New Hampshire Colony

   New Jersey Colony

   Of Plimoth Plantation: Journal of William Bradford

   Pennsylvania Colony

   Pilgrim Primary Sources & Letters

   The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony

   Plimoth Plantation

   Plymouth Colony

   Plymouth Colony Archive

   Religion and the Founding of America

   Salem Witchcraft Sources

   Salem Witch Trial Video

   Thanksgiving History


   The Administration of Justice Act of 1774

   Africans in the American Revolution

   The Albany Plan

   The American Crisis (Thomas Paine)

   American Revolution (The History Place)

   Battle of Bunker Hill

   Battle of Bunker Hill (British Perspective)

   Battle of Saratoga (Hessian Perspective)

   The Boston Port Act of 1774

   The Boston Massacre (Anonymous Account March 5, 1770)

   The Boston Massacre (Boston Gazette March 12, 1770)

   The Boston Massacre (Captain Preston’s Account March 13, 1770)

   Common Sense (Thomas Paine)

   Continental Congress

   The Currency Act of 1764

   The Declaration of Independence

   The Declaratory Act of 1766

   The Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress

   The First Continental Congress

   The Founding of the American Nation

   The French & Indian War

   Liberty! The American Revolution

   The Massachusetts Government Act

   The Navigation Acts

   The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783

   Patrick Henry Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

   Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride Account

   Preliminary Articles of Peace with Britain

   The Proclamation of 1763

   The Quartering Act of 1774

   The Quebec Act of 1774

   Revolutionary War

   Revolutionary War Records

   The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved (Otis)

   The Stamp Act of 1765

   The Sugar Act of 1764

   The Tea Act of 1773

   The Townshend Revenue Act of 1767

   Treaty of Amity and Commerce (U.S. & France)

Founding Fathers

   Alexander Hamilton Works

   Alexis de Tocqueville

   The Anti-Federalist Papers

   The Articles of Confederation

   Benjamin Franklin (LOC Exhibit)

   Benjamin Franklin Works

   The Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) 1791

   The Constitution of the United States of America

   Constitutional Convention Debates

   Constitutional Convention Records

   Continental Congress

   The Declaration of Independence

   The Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress

   English Bill of Rights

   The Federalist Papers

   The First Continental Congress

   The Founding Fathers: Biographies

   The Founding of the American Nation

   George Washington

   George Washington Farewell Address

   George Washington Resources

   George Washington Works

   James Madison Works

   James Wilson Works

   John Adams Works

   The Petition of Right

   Samuel Adams Works

   The Social Contract

   Thomas Jefferson (A Film by Ken Burns)

   Thomas Jefferson’s Blood

   Thomas Jefferson (Virginia Archives)

   Thomas Jefferson Works

Constitution & Early Republic

   The Alien and Sedition Acts

   Constitutional Convention Debates

   Constitutional Convention Records

   Early America

   Early American History & Culture

   Early American Music

   The Founding of the American Nation

   The Land Ordinance of May 20, 1785

   The Northwest Ordinance of 1787

   They Made America (The Early Republic)

   Treaty of Tripoli (Barbary Pirates)


   Daniel Boone

   Lewis & Clark

   Lewis & Clark (Discovering)

   Lewis & Clark (PBS)

   Lewis & Clark (Revealing of America)

Native Americans

   American Indians Exhibit at Carnegie Museum of Natural History

   American Indians Histories & Cultures


   Mystery of Maya Exhibit

   Native American Index

   Native Cultures

   Native Web

   Yale Indian Papers

   Yale Native American Papers Database

African Americans


   African American Mosaic

   Africans in America

   American Slave Narratives- Federal WPA

   American Slave Narratives- Documenting the American South

   Slaves and the Courts

   Slave Trade and the Middle Passage

   Slave Trade and the Transatlantic Voyage

   Slave Trade and Slavery in the Americas

   Slave Voices

Civil War

   Frederick Douglas

   John Brown’s Holy War

   Nationalism & Sectionalism

   The South

   The Underground Railroad

   Valley of the Shadow (Civil War Comparison of a Town in North and South)

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