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Video Notes

Video Notes: Great Wall of China

Video Notes: Battle of Salamis

Video Notes: Battle of Actium

Video Notes: Dark Ages Part I

Video Notes: Dark Ages Part II

Video Notes: Dark Ages Part III

Video Notes: Conquest of Spain

Video Notes: Black Death

Video Notes: Siege of Constantinople

Video Notes: Renaissance

Video Notes: Reformation

Video Notes: Conquest of Incas

Video Notes: Spanish Armada

Video Notes: Scientific Revolution

Video Notes: Enlightenment

Video Notes: Battle for Canada

Video Notes: Revolution in France

Video Notes: Napoleon Invades Russia

Video Notes: Industrial Revolution

Video Notes: Second Industrial Revolution

Video Notes: Zulus at War

Video Notes: Shot That Started the Great War

Video Notes: Russian Revolution

Video Notes: Great War

Video Notes: Rise of the Third Reich

Video Notes: Incredible March

Video Notes: Battle of Britain

Video Notes: Plot to Kill Hitler

Video Notes: Fall of the Third Reich

Video Notes: Atomic Bomb

Video Notes: Crisis in Korea

Video Notes: Battle for Vietnam

Video Notes: Television Explosion

Video Notes- Mankind The Story of All of Us

Video Notes: Mankind Plague

Video Notes: Mankind Survivors

Video Notes: Mankind New World

Video Notes: Mankind Treasure

Video Notes: Mankind Pioneers

Video Notes: Mankind Revolutions

Video Notes: Mankind Speed

Video Notes: Mankind New Frontiers

Class Activities and Assignments

1-01 Democracy & Greece's Golden Age

1-02 Politics- Aristotle

1-03 Peloponnesian War

1-04 Politics- Aristotle

1-05 Romans Create a Republic

1-06 Rise of Christianity

1-07 Decline of the Roman Empire

1-08 Summarizing Fall of Rome

1-09 Roads of the Roman Empire

1-10 Julius Caesar- General, Writer, Politician, Dictator-King

1-11 Roman Construction Technology

1-12 Muhammed- Messenger of Allah

1-13 Quran

1-14 Making Inferences- Muhammad

1-15 Rise of Islam

1-16 Pope Urban II- Call for a Crusade

1-17 Feudalism in Europe

1-18 Feudal Europes Religious Influences

1-19 Charlemagne- Legendary King

1-20 Church Reform & Crusades

1-21 England & France Develop

1-22 Massacre at Acre- Beha-ed-Din

1-23 Magna Carta

1-24 William the Conqueror- Warrior King

1-25 Joan of Arc- Pious Peasant Courageous Leader

1-26 Italy- Birthplace of the Renaissance

1-27 Trade in Renaissance Europe

1-28 Luther Starts the Reformation

1-29 Elizabeth I- Gloriana

1-30 Niccolo Machiavelli- Inventor of Political Science

2-01 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2-02 Recognizing Continents & Oceans

2-03 Enlightenment in Europe

2-04 Baron de Montesquieu- Science of Government

2-05 Parliament Limits the English Monarchy

2-06 Vindication of the Rights of Women- Mary Wollstonecraft

2-07 English Bill of Rights

2-08 William of Orange- Protestant Champion

2-09 American Revolution- Birth of a Republic

2-10 Declaration of Independence

2-11 Revolution Threatens the French King

2-12 Napoleon Forges an Empire

2-13 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

2-14 Comparing Revolutions in America & France

2-15 La Marseillaise

3-01 Congress of Vienna Convenes

3-02 Latin American Peoples Win Independence

3-03 Revolutions Disrupt Europe

3-04 Patterns of Change- Nationalism

3-05 Revolutions in the Arts

3-06 Hypothesizing Latin America

3-07 Liberator- Simon Bolivar

3-08 Proclamation of 1860- Giuseppe Garibaldi

3-09 Nationalist Speech- Otto von Bismarck

3-10 Languages Fuel Nationalism

3-11 Bonds That Create a Nation-State

3-12 Unification of Germany 1865-1871 Map

3-13 Unification of Italy 1858-1870 Map

3-14 Latin America 1828 Map

3-15 Political Spectrum

3-16 Beginnings of Industrialization

3-17 Industrialization Spreads

3-18 An Age of Reforms

Activities 3-19 Expansion and Crisis in the United States

3-20 British Population Moves to the Cities

3-21 James Watt- Powering the World

3-22 Testimony on Child Labor in Britain

3-23 Life in a New England Factory

3-24 Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

3-25 Henri de Saint-Simon- Social Revolutionary

3-26 Factory Conditions- Using Conflicting Sources

3-27 Emmeline Pankhurst- Crusader for Women

3-28 Irish Volunteer by David Kincaid

3-29 Devils Hand by Big Bad Bolus

3-30 Flogging Molly

3-31 Atlantic Slave Trade

3-32 Imperialists Divide Africa

3-33 Muslim Lands Fall to Imperialist Demands

3-34 British Imperialism in India

3-35 Analyzing Assumptions & Biases- Englishmen

3-36 David Livingstone Explores Southern Africa

3-37 Letter Opposing the English by Moulavy Syad Kutb Shah Sahib

3-38 In Favor of Imperialism- by Albert Beveridge

3-39 Menelik II- Preserver of Independence

3-40 Mongkut- Reforming King of Siam

3-41 China Responds to Pressure from the West

3-42 Japan Modernizes

3-43 Opium Wars

3-44 Poetry and Politics- The White Mans Burden

3-45 Individuals of Conscience- David Livingstone

3-46 East Asia to 1914 Map

3-47 Imperialism in Africa 1880-1914 Map

3-48 Imperialism Trial

3-49 Letter to Queen Victoria by Lin Zexu

3-50 Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa

3-51 The Burial- Rudyard Kipling

3-52 British Contract With An African King

3-53 Testimonies from the Congo Free State

4-01 Stage is Set for War

4-02 War Consumes Europe

4-03 War Affects the World

4-04 A Flawed Peace

4-05 Wilhelm II- Erratic Kaiser

4-06 Summarizing Reactions to War

4-07 Battle of Somme

4-08 All Quiet on the Western Front

4-09 Poison Gas

4-10 Zimmermann Note

4-11 Georges Clemenceau

4-12 Evaluating Alternative Courses of Action- Bosnia

4-13 Planning for Peace- Vienna & Versailles

4-14 Europe in 1914 Map

4-15 Waltzing Matilda

4-16 Europe After World War I Map

4-17 Armenian Massacre

4-18 Dropkick Murphys- Green Fields of France

4-19 World War I Uniforms

4-20 World War I Vocabulary

4-21 A New Look for Europe

4-22 Revolutions in Russia

4-23 Patterns of Change- Totalitarianism

4-24 Collapse of Chinese Imperial Rule

4-25 Nationalism in India & Southwest Asia

4-26 Vladimir Lenin- Russian Revolutionary

4-27 Joseph Stalin- Need for Progress

4-28 Mao Zedong- Peasants of Hunan

4-29 Mohandas Gandhi- Hind Swaraj

4-30 Nationalists Battle Warlords & Communists

4-31 1984

4-32 Causes of the March Revolution

4-33 Beatles Revolution

4-34 Communist Chic

4-35 Giving Thanks for Capitalism

4-36 A Global Depression

4-37 Fascism Rises in Europe

4-38 Aggressors on the March

4-39 Hitler's Lightening War

4-40 Japan Strikes in the Pacific

4-41 Holocaust

4-42 Allies Are Victorious

4-43 Devastation of Europe & Japan

4-44 Spain During the 1930s

4-45 Francisco Franco

4-46 Munich 1938- Peace With Dishonor

4-47 Kristallnacht

4-48 FDR Identifying Problems

4-49 World War II Timeline

4-50 Winston Churchill

4-51 Anne Frank- Diary of a Young Girl

4-52 Charles de Gaulle

4-53 Night

4-54 World War II France

4-55 Spanish Bombs

4-56 There'll Always Be An England

4-57 Der Fuehrer's Face

4-58 Japanese Aggression

4-59 World War II Map

5-01 Two Superpowers Face Off

5-02 War in Korea & Vietnam

5-03 Cold War Around the World

5-04 Gorbachev Moves Toward Democracy

5-05 Collapse of Soviet Union

5-06 Democratic Challenges in African Nations

5-07 Conflicts in the Middle East

5-08 Cuban Missile Crisis

5-09 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

5-10 Ruholla Khomeini, Iran

5-11 Nelson Mandela

5-12 Balfour Declaration

5-13 Golda Meir Israel's Founding Mother

5-14 Berlin Wall

5-15 Communist Chic

5-16 Peace in Northern Ireland

5-17 Arab-Israeli Conflict Map

5-18 Cold War Songs

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